The City of Brook Park is conducting a study of the geometry of the “spaghetti-like” Snow Road and Engle Road intersection.  The study area will involve the section of Snow Road between S.R. 237 and Engle Road and Engle Road between Snow Road and Hummel Road


The study is for a proposed project to address and meet the following purposes and needs.


Purpose A:

Improve traffic flow patterns in the Snow Road / Engle Road area.


Need A:

The existing Engle Road in the study area consists of two lanes northbound and two lanes southbound divided by crossing roads and bisected by the eastbound Snow Road merge lanes.  The existing traffic patterns of Snow Road and Engle Road are extremely confusing and deficient.  Northbound and southbound lanes of Engle Road have several merging and cross roadways between Snow Road and Hummel RoadNorthbound Engle Road Traffic needs to select the correct crossover roadway to travel westbound on Snow RoadEastbound Snow Road traffic attempting to travel northbound on Engle Road needs to complete several crossover maneuvers to complete the transition.


Purpose B: 

Provide a calming effect to the traffic flow in the area.


Need B:

The need for traffic calming is not in the true sense of reducing speed; in this instance, it is for providing comfort to the traveling public.  Motorists who infrequently drive the Snow Road / Engle Road Intersection traverse the area with anxiety.  Several of the required traffic maneuvers arrive quickly and are made with hesitation.


Propose C:

Improve the vehicular safety along Engle Road.


Need C:

Recorded accidents in 2004 for the study area were compared with the statewide average for an urban collector.  Based on the statewide average accident rate for an urban collector, approximately 3 accidents per year would be expected in the 3500-foot study area of Engle Road.  The statewide mean factor for accident rates does not include intersection or related accidents.  The accident data compiled by the City of Brook Park Police Department shows 28 accidents occurred in 2004.  Some of the accidents occurred at the stop conditions of the cross roadways, several were in merging areas and some involved crashes into utility poles.


Purpose D:

Provide a more sign-friendly roadway.


Need D:

The existing Engle Road area is cluttered with ground-mounted signs.  Motorists must constantly look at the signage for guidance on maneuvers and stops.


For comments or questions concerning this project contact Edward R. Piatak, Engineer Representative for the City of Brook Park, by phone at (440) 260-1555 or by email at


Preliminary Project Documents:

Road Name Guide

Conceptual Alternative 1

Conceptual Alternative 2

Conceptual Alternative 3

Conceptual Alternative 4

Conceptual Alternative 5

Conceptual Alternative 6

Conceptual Alternative 7

Conceptual Alternative 8

Study Area Photo